Smart Wi-fi Hub for motorhomes, vanlifers and nomads

Stay connected as you explore the world.

Connect+ is not just a Wi-fi solution. It is your smart friend along the way.

Why you should use Connect Plus?

Connect+ helps you have a better Wi-Fi Connection and easier experience with a small device you can use anywhere on the road.

It is Portable and Ready to Use!

You don't need to install any new equipments to your caravan for a stable Wi-Fi connection anymore. Connect+ is portable. So you will have Wi-Fi connection, in or out of your caravan.

Pick your packages with or without a simcard

Have a look at C+ Mobile Wi-Fi Data Packages and pick your choice. Without any installation use your Wi-Fi connection right away. You can also use your own Sim-card and still enjoy Connect+ features.

Mobile Wi-fi Modem and C+ Map App

Connect Plus is a smart tablet with its own unique app which is designed for caravan lovers and outdoor travelers. You can manage Wi-Fi Sharing and use the C+ map app on the road.
Don’t waste your battery on map applications use C+ Mobile Wi-Fi to use Map and have an easier and enjoyable trip.

With just a smartphone, C+ offers you a stable Wi-Fi connection on the road, Map services you can use and Assistance services that can help you in case of any emergency about you or your Motorhome.

Amazing Plans, All The Way!

Check our pricing plans. Choose from one of our three plans. Don’t miss our free 30 day data package offer.



Campsites & Caravanparks

You can create additional income to your business and rent 4G Speed, C+ Tablets with Wi-Fi Connection to your guests.


Are you a caravan owner and rent it out to travelers? You can offer all trip Wi-Fi Connection and have extra-income with customer satisfaction.

Why Connect + is the best Wi-fi solution?

Connect + does not require any setup, antenna or assembly.
Just turn on the tablet and connect. Furthermore, Connect+ provides 7/24 roadside assistance.

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Let’s explore Connect+ Together

We always believe that direct communication is better. Leave your contact information to us. Our passionate team will explain more to you and improve your trips.