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Stay safe while staying in the best spots around Europe! We have gathered these great campsites in Europe that you can visit while on the road with your motorhome.  Take advantage of the nice weather to get outside and explore the great outdoors! 

Weichselbrunn Campground - Bodenwöhr, Germany

Weichselbrunn Campground – Bodenwöhr, Germany

On the side of a breathtaking lake, there is an amazing campsite for hiking, fishing, and canoeing you can visit during your caravan trip. It’s a must-stay place in Germany where you can breathe in the cool clean mountain air.

Valle Santa Maria Camping - Elba, Tuscany, Italy

Valle Santa Maria Camping – Elba, Tuscany, Italy

This is one of the most special camping places in Europe with its stunning beaches. Filled with the sun, sea, and beautiful views, it’s a great stop to soak up some sun.  

Le Clos du Lac - Provence, France

Le Clos du Lac – Provence, France

Le Clos du Lac is perfect for families with kids. While traveling with your motorhome take a stop in the mountains of France for the perfect outdoor adventure. You can fish, swim, hike around the Boscodan forest and take advantage of the kid’s play areas and volleyball court in the campsites area.

Fyrvapplingen Fiskercamp - Uppsala, Sweden

Fyrvapplingen Fiskercamp – Uppsala, Sweden

This expansive campsite offers 30 camping spots by both a lake and woods so that campers and caravan campers go fishing and hiking on their camping holiday.  The campsite is dog-friendly too and has roads for biking.

Tartaruga Camping - Zakynthos, Greece

Tartaruga Camping – Zakynthos, Greece

Tartaruga deserves the name of one of the best campsites in Europe with its large grove of olive trees and views of the Bay of Laganas from the tent site. On the beach, you can snorkel with the loggerhead turtles or relax.  

San Boa Menorca Camping - Spain

San Boa Menorca Camping – Spain

 Go to this beautiful bay to see the boats glide by as you take advantage of the many activities offered by the campground, such as horseback riding, surfing, waterskiing, and more. While you can camp with your tent, there is also an option to rent a cabin for your stay.  

Aberavon - Gyrn Goch, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

Aberavon – Gyrn Goch, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

This campsite, located on the Llyn Peninsula, is arguably one of the most impressive UK campsites. This beach, surrounded by Snowdonian mountains that attracts surfers and trekkers alike, is a perfect place to socialize with other campers and caravan enthusiasts along the way.


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