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Campervan Makeover: Best Sources on the Internet


Modern caravans are frequently opulent, while older models and vintage caravans often had a problem with function over design. Furthermore, caravans have a propensity to appear old – frequently well before their time.

One option is to remodel or restyle your caravan.

Here are some resources and caravan renovation ideas that we found to inspire you and guide you through the process. They range in complexity from simple to ridiculously clever.


The Ultimate Caravan Conversion Checklist by The Wanderful

In this very detailed and informative blog, you will get an idea of the most important points to start your journey with a powerful foundation. It will help you start the process step by step, from budget planning to designing a layout. Make sure to check it out if you are planning to start from scratch. 


Personal Experience of a Motorhome Convert

In thıs blog from there is much information both legal and practical. It is usually good to take a look at another’s experience to be able to follow the outcomes of the process. This blog is a good resource and guidance if you are planning to buy and convert a van in the UK.


Renovating and Upgrading your Motorhome

If you already have a van or a Motorhome and only want to make it more comfy and make renovations on the interior’s blog is the one you are searching for. It gives plenty of information if you are planning on renovating your Caravan Life space and of course accessorizing as well. 


Flip Flop Wanderers Step by Step Guide for Building a Campervan from Scratch

They show you exactly how they built a DIY campervan on a shoestring budget and tell you how to do it yourself! Plus, at the bottom of this blog, they’ve included a FREE checklist to ensure you’ve covered all the bases when designing your own campervan!


Converting a Campervan – Udemy Online Course

This course will walk you through the entire process of converting your own campervan from start to end!

It will take you through everything in this 50-part series. From planning and preparation to insulation and cladding, plumbing, electrics, and carpentry…


Build Journal of Campervan from FarOutRide

They have meticulously documented every step of their DIY camper van makeover. It doesn’t matter if you’re converting a Ford Transit, a Mercedes Sprinter, or a Ram ProMaster. Whatever van you choose to convert, FarOutRide’s Guide  step-by-step instructions should lead you in the correct direction. 


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