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Winter has already started to show up and during these uncertain times, the best getaway option is being in your own personal space. If you are a remote worker, retiree or you just need a quick getaway, you should definitely think about having a caravan trip through the sunny side of Europe.


On your way to sunny days, the first stop can be the southern sides of Spain. It’s warmer and really popular with beautiful beaches and a chill atmosphere. Costa Del Sol and Seville are really popular destinations that are family-friendly and on the southern side of Spain for tourists, caravan travelers, and campers. 


Portugal is also a really popular place, famous for its amazing coastline sea and mountains.  Algarve is one of the best places in Portugal but it has few campsites, but local authorities are tolerating wild camping in the winter, which makes the whole thing more exciting and tempting. Lisbon is also a really good choice if you are on a budget, it’s an amazing city filled with art and good food for a little price. A perfect place to shop and enjoy your getaway. Lisbon also has really good caravan and campsites for a little price which is the cherry on top.


With rich cuisine, amazing architecture, and unique style, France always a good idea. If you are looking for warmer spots in France, Basque and Nice would be a good choice for you. France is one of the fun countries to go around on the road, you can see and taste the diversity on the road which is magical. And don’t worry there are plenty of campsites and Caravan Parks in Basque and Nice, you can 2etake it easy and enjoy your time in France.


Italy is one of the most popular Caravan lovers spots. It’s a treasure filled with culture, amazing views, and delicious food. Sicily is really popular with campers and caravan lovers. Salento is also really quiet, chill, and warm even in the coldest month. It will give you the much-needed vacation fulfillment with unique and narrow streets and charming ambiance.


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