Beginner’s Guide to Caravanning in 2023

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In 2020 with the hit of COVID-19 our world have changed forever… Instead of going on vacations to the most popular vacay spots, we have decided to camp, or taking a trip in a more isolated ways. The best solution to have a break from the reality of life have become going on vacation to closer locations with you car, or caravan For the ones that doesn’t have a caravan and planning to have one we have gathered the most important things you should know beforehand. 

Check your driver’s licence

Check you driver’s licence 

In many countries towing a caravan or owning a caravan is a bit different. I f you are planning to rent or buy a caravan you need to make sure that you and you licence is suitable toı drive or tow a caravan. So before making any decisions check out the web and the government to see if there are any important laws or rules you need to follow before it’s too late.

Make a decision

Make a decision

If you are sure about living the caravanner life, you need to decide if you are going to buy a Motorhome or tow your caravan with you car. This is an important decision, because towing a caravan needs a suitable car and preparing your car with connections and adapters. So this is a process of preparations and you will need the ideas of professionals on this. 

If you are planning to buy a Motorhome, you need to make sure, it has everything you need but don’t blow your money on a motorhome because it’s a new model. Most of the vehicles that are mostly 10 year old doesn’t have much difference. So if you are looking for something mediocre, be wise and check out different models and compare their features.

Prepare your vehicle

Prepare you vehicle

When people decide to tow a caravan to their cars, the most important thing is to make sure you add a towing mirror to be able to see the caravan that you are towing, your number plate to attach on the caravan. Also don’t forget to check your height and width of your vehicle and always keep the speed limits on your mind. 

If you are planning to travel with a motorhome or towing a caravan, always make sure that you load your caravan wisely. Use your caravan hand book or consult you seller about loading the caravan for a safer and easier drive. 

Insurance is essential

Insurance is essential

Check with your insurance company before hopping on the road and make sure that your insurance covers your caravan. Anything can happen on the road, insurance is the key to a safer road trip.

Prepare a road map

Prepare a road map

Even though having a caravan gives you an amazing state of freedom, it’S really important to have a road map under your hand, in case anything happens. If you are planning to travel across borders, make sure to make enough research about the country and their laws on caravans to stay safe. It’s the least fun thing to deal with local authorities in a different country.

Pack your equipment

Pack your equipment

Pack cleverly, especially on the longer trips. It’s clever to think of the consequences in case anything bad happens. So make sure to pack an emergency kit, extra charger and make sure to find an affordable and reliable wi-fi connection that can cover your needs during your trip. 


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